Fuel Saving Tips

Top Fuel Saving Tips

Cruise Control

maintaining a constant speed is better than speeding up and slowing down. Maintain one speed the whole time can save you on fuel economy

Heavy Loads

Travel as lightly as possible. The more weight you are carring in your trunk, backseat or bed of your car, the more fuel is needed to push the vehicle.

Avoid Idling

If you plan on being stopped for more than one minute, consider shutting off the engine until you are ready to move. Idling uses more gas than starting the engine

Fuel Efficient Vehicles

Choose a fuel efficient vehicle. Large oversized vehicles are unecessary for the day to day grind of driving too and from work and cars with more horespower.

Auto Insurance

Fuel efficient cars also save more money on car insurance. An agent with allstate moline il says that fuel efficient cars also usually have lower insurance premiums than most non fuel efficient vehicles.

Fun Car Facts

There are over a billion cars on earth and about 165,000 cars are produced each year.